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An introductory note from the founder

Welcome to our blog spot. This is where you can follow us on our journey through the realm of predatory real estate. Our stories won’t only shed light on some of the worst aspects of our system, they will shed light on some of the best aspects of our community.

We recognize that “community” is too complex and significant to limit our discussion to housing – even though “housing” is in our name. Doing so would fail to capture an incredibly important cultural component of community that is embedded in the lifeblood of our city.

NYC is one of the only places on earth where millions of divergent paths can simultaneously converge into a tightly knit community in any moment of crisis. We’ve seen this transformation occur in the toughest of times and we are seeing it again now, as our city becomes engulfed by an affordable housing crisis.

While our posts will always stay true to the topic of housing, our focal point will never diverge from the community itself. At the end of the day, the cure to our housing woes is contingent upon the convergence of people. It’s not just the way out — it’s the only way out.



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